WHO HPH Recognition project


WHO HPH Project: Recognition Process

Principal Investigator Prof Hanne Tønnesen MD PHD

PHD Student Jeff Kirk Svane MA (DK)

Supervisor Shu-Ti Chiou MD PHD MSc (TW)

Advisor Oliver Groene MSc PHD (UK)


The project aims to evaluate whether a WHO-HPH recognition / certification process generates:

–        More health service deliveries

–        Better health gain for patients and staff


Main hypotheses of the study are that hospital departments undergoing to the recognition process will after one year:

–        Deliver more health promotion services

–        Improve health gain for patients and staff

(Compared to the departments allocated to the study’s control group, who continue their routine clinical practice).


The study is designed as an RCT, in order to obtain the highest possible level of evidence. The study allocates the hospital departments randomly to one of two groups, where they either:

–        Undergo the Recognition Process immediately = Intervention group

–        Continue their usual routine = Control group


More clinical departments are still welcome as the project aims for a total of 88 departments from all over the world, to have adequate sample size. All clinical hospital departments are eligible for participation (except palliative and paediatric).

-          So all interested HPH Networks and hospitals, please make contact to sign up for participation!



The project is included in the core HPH documents, such as the work plan for the WHO HPH Memorandum of Understanding and the Global HPH Strategy 2011 – 2013.

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