HPH Schools

HPH Schools

The HPH Schools (Summer, Autumn or Winter) are all opportunities to gain insight and inspiration in the area of Health Promotion in hospitals and health services. The HPH Schools are yearly recurring events that target National / Regional HPH Coordinators, HPH Hospital / Health Service Coordinators, HPH Task Force Leaders & Members as well as other interested health care providers and administrators.

The HPH Schools are structured as a combination of lectures from highly qualified experts on research and implementation, workshops, group work and plenum discussions. This facilitates a close collaboration and sharing of experience and it allows the participants to get inspired, get involved hands-on, and get ready to do a real difference with their own HP work. 

The Schools take place all over the world, and are hosted in collaboration betweeen the WHO Collaborating Centre in Copenhagen and the relevant National/Regional Network. Below, you can read more about the up coming HPH Schools and download material from the past ones. 

HPH Management School: Managing health promotion and quality in hospitals & health services

Quality Management in hospitals, Workshop in QM, HPH in practice: Site visit to Clinical Department, Bispebjerg, Denmark , QM – Cross-sectional programs, Inspiration: Current QM project in Europe – Guest lecture, HPH in practice: Site visit to Psychiatric Department, Malmo, Sweden, Inspiration: VIP Research Project, Integration of Health Promotion in the re-imbursement system, QM-based re-imbursement (Scania Model – Swedish Approach), H2020 and EAP-PHS: Supportive policies, managing HP and quality, Workshops and Discussions.


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